I saw Coraline three weeks ago today in its full 3D-projection incarnation, and I have to admit I was impressed. It was not exactly the strongest story I’ve encountered in a film over the past year, but the art was fantastic and I’m a sucker for well done stop-motion. As for 3D projection, I’m still unconvinced: its flashy and immersive, but tiring for the eyes.

There’s been a lot of recent posts about Coraline in blogs I read; I took this opportunity to put them all together in one place. Drawn has a bunch of links to the blogs of artists who worked on the film, and Parka Blog adds a few more images and links to that list. Via both of those sites, LAIKA artist Chris Turnham has started a blog specifically dedicated to concept art for the film.

Video no longer available

A while earlier Drawn had put up a link to a series of videos from the “Art of Coraline” panel at Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra. Part One embedded above.

Coraline Maquettes and an interview with artist Damon Bard are available on the Character Design blog and Jon Klassen (who worked on set and prop design for the film) has put up a number of additional production drawings on his website. Drawn briefly discusses Weiden + Kennedy’s marketing campaign for the film. And finally, Mark Mayerson weighs in (fairly critically) on the film:

There is fantastic work in this film, but it’s built on a weak dramatic foundation. With a stronger script, this film would have been an instant classic. Instead, it’s just eye candy.

I’m not going to disagree, which is a shame given how much amazing art and animation is on display in the film! However, Steve Hulett at The Animation Guild blog does point out that the weaknesses of the film haven’t prevented it from moving up to #2 at the box office last weekend and raking in over $53 million so far.

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