Irisz Agocs

Illustration Friday is a website that posts one-word prompts each week for users to use as a prompt for illustrations. Users submit those drawings, where they are showcased on Illustration Friday’s site. It’s a cool idea, and it’s allowed me to discover a couple artists whose work I have been following ever since.

© Agócs Írisz

One of those artists is Irisz Agocs. Irisz is an illustrator living in Budapest, Hungary, and I really admire the palette and line of her work. Her characters are adorable, and the images she posts to her blog are a bright spot in the RSS chaos for me. She recently posted an article on how to use her material, which makes it sound like she’s often finding her work on other sites without attribution… it’s really a shame. Her requests for attribution and instructions on use of her images are neither onerous nor irrational. If you use somebody’s images, give them credit!

Also: This week’s IF prompt is breezy.

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