Anipages Daily (and Tekkon)

AniPages Daily is a well-written and thorough treatment of select animations and certain anime, and is proving to be a good resource for restocking my list of need-to-see animation. The writer, one Benjamin Ettinger, actually covered Flutter recently himself, and brought my attention to the fact that Howie Shia has both a webcomic and other freely available animations. Great news!

I honestly cannot say where I found the link to this site, but I suspect it was from a forum thread involving Tekkon Kinkreet. Ettinger interviewed Tekkon director Michael Arias back in the spring of ’07, another interview to add to my collection of Tekkon Kinkreet related interviews.

In addition to the Arias interview, AniPages Daily has a lot of great material—this is top-shelf stuff, particularly for anime fans.

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