Cowboy Bebop Live Action?

An interview with Keanu Reeves reveals that the actor wants to make a live-action version of Shinichiro Watanabe’s sci-fi anime Cowboy Bebop. From the MTV Movies blog: “you’ll get an idea of why Reeves is… a perfect-looking fit for [Spike] Spiegel…”

I must respectfully disagree.

Reeves is a proficient actor, and his lack of emotion might map on to Spike’s stoical manner at times, but there is a whimsy and nonchalance to the character that in my opinion will be difficult for Reeves to deliver. Critically, you empathize with Spike in the anime… he’s been hurt and betrayed, and can’t let go of what’s happened. I enjoy Keanu Reeves movies, but I rarely empathize the actor.

Looks like there may not be much of a choice, though: “We’ve got the rights, we’ve got a writer,” Keanu explained. “He’s putting together a scene outline.”

Tip-off on this via Ben Price’s blog, a remarkably comprehensive summary of animation-industry news.

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