Adventure Time?

The Cartoon Cave’s Pete Emslie doesn’t seem to like the short animation Adventure Time. I won’t argue, his points are good and his criticism valid. It’s certainly something out of the ordinary:

Pete Emslie’s conclusions:

…this sample from “Adventure Time” flies in the face of every time honoured artistic principle that exists, both in terms of the visual artwork and the writing. But, judging from the “awesome” accolades found in the Brew post’s comments section, many of the Brew readers just refuse to see its severe shortcomings . . . I applaud freethinkers like [Cartoon Brew commenters] Jason, Brooke, and Eric for not drinking the Kool-Aid. We need more discerning viewers like them.

All I’ll say is that I first saw the short when it made the rounds on one of the Technology House mailing lists when I was at Brown, and thought it was pretty amusing. Of course, it never grabbed the attention of the list in the way even more absurd videos did, which was probably a good warning sign: too weird for the real world, not weird enough for computer science or art students. I’m certainly skeptical about the potential to sustain the humor over a series.

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