Working Spaces

Ink sketch of my desk, colored in marker

More fun with my new markers: a quick color sketch of my desk and work environment, from my little moleskine. Tried using color a little more broadly than before… I like the potential of these markers, but I think that for now I’m better off keeping color minimal like in the “Change We Can Believe In” sketch. It got a little messy, and I still don’t have as much control over tone as I’m used to. Still, these markers (Faber-Castell PITT artist brush pens, specifically) are fun to draw with, and at least they don’t feel too strong and overpowering like Prismacolors do.

One thought on “Working Spaces

  1. Emily says:

    Pretty! Remember what Jay says, though, limit your palette. Choose three colors and just mix them. Of course, take care not to fuck up your markers when you do 🙂

    And Prismacolors are probably excellent for larger format, I would think. These little ones would get pretty annoying to work with like that. Also the fine brush tip wears down, which annoys me.

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