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I’ve been experimenting with using WordPress as a private repository for longer-form content I wish to be able to archive, search and reference. The first time I attempted to transfer an academic paper into WordPress, I ran into the question of footnotes. There are a lot of plugins out there to add footnote capabilities to your site, but the one I’ve come to like the most is Civil Footnotes. The syntax is simple: just 1, and they’ll render as a footnote at the bottom of the document.2 No need to manually keep track of reference numbers, and content is stored inline with the relevant text (in case the plugin is disabled or you move your content to a new site). Civil Footnotes is a highly recommended plugin, all around.

  1. enclose your footnote contents in double-parentheses 

  2. Note that you do need to have a leading space between the opening set of perens. 

3 thoughts on “Civil Footnotes

  1. zonebattler says:

    Hi KAdam,

    I understand that you are the current maintainer of this great and user-friendly plugin. Since you updated »Civil Footnotes« some four months ago, hyperlinks mentioned in footnotes are no longer rendered properly: Instead of working links, the (non working) HTML syntax of the link is printed to the screen.

    Many users (including me) would be happy to see this nasty glitch fixed soon… Thanks!

    1. K. Adam White says:

      Thank you for your comment, and to you and the others who had opened issues trying to alert me to this bug. I apologize that it took me so long to address the problem, but thanks to your message this morning I did just publish a v2.1 of Civil Footnotes that should address the problem! You can see it in action above in footnote 2, which I edited to include an emphasis tag.

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