One More Time

2009 was a good year. I landed a decent job, my freelance work really began to take off, I moved to a much better apartment, and I made some good friends in my new neighborhood. It really struck me how well things have been going on New Year’s Eve in New York, when I was asked what my New Year’s resolutions were going to be, and the only one I could think of was to make more art.

The Cats, paper clay & wire, 2005

The last year was great, but whether 3D animation, games, wire sculptures, or pastels, I haven’t made nearly enough. It’s even been about four months since I’ve done any significant damage to my sketchbook. This had to change.

Step One was to reboot this blog. Welcome to Version… 3.0, I suppose, measuring from complete homepage re-designs. All my blogs have been consolidated, all the old content is down, and it is time to start fresh. I’ve chosen to adapt Khoi Vinh’s Basic Maths theme, a clean design with lots of room to grow and a license conducive to installing my own modifications down the road.

Step two was to sign up for Somerville Open Studios, a great event in my town where artists all over Somerville throw open their studio doors for a two-day art sale. While at present I have neither a studio nor a standing body of work, I have three months and a lot of inspiration, so see you at the SOS community space at The Armory on May 1st.

Step Three was to sign up for the Global Game Jam, a topic I will discuss more towards the end of the month.

I think it’s going to be a good year.

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