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Quick update this time… busy on a project. When it’s done I will have a great deal to say, not all of it complimentary, about fluid simulations, Blender, Cinema 4D, and the ways they do not always work together.

Until then, I bring you a modeling technique for cool curved shapes, discovered via Concept Ships (visit the main site at your own risk, intrusive animated banners). One of the posters is proud to announce he has a “new modeling technique” that is superior to box modeling, spline modeling, and so on: the Slice and Bend Modeling Technique. What he has done is to draw vector curves, then loft them into a flat surface with a 3D application. To make that into a three dimensional object he then bends the curves into a dimensional form. Good for futuristic, curved airplane cockpits, and probably some more esoteric creations as well.

Bringing curves into 3D programs is old news, but using bend deformers to quickly prototype a smooth shape is a nifty touch.

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