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When 140 characters isn’t enough for a status update

Key Lime Pie, at scale

Around 3:45 today, my coworker Claire dropped a link into our company IRC channel that the “World’s Largest Key Lime Pie” was going to be served at South Station at 4pm. By 3:50 we were on our way over, and arrived just in time to see the un-sullied pie before they began to serve.

The event was a publicity stunt for the Florida Keys, which felt like pretty good timing given the weather we’ve had lately—but most importantly, it afforded a chance to get some free pie on a Thursday afternoon! And it was a good pie, too, weighing in at about a thousand pounds and containing nearly six thousand key limes and two hundred pounds of graham crackers.

Boston FIG

Boston Festival of Indie Games announcement

A quick plug for an awesome event: Back at the beginning of 2012, some friends of mine from Boston Indies decided to throw a free convention dedicated solely to independent video games. Last fall their plans came to fruition in the first ever Boston Festival of Indies Games, which was an amazing success—and they’re bringing it back for 2013! If you’re into video games and can be in Boston on the 14th, you should definitely drop by.

(While I’ve had nothing to do with the planning or organization of Boston FIG—a host of energetic, dedicated volunteers deserve all the credit for that!—I did help out last year by designing their logo, which lives on today in a number of awesome treatments. Long live League Gothic; long live fig leaves!)

TEDxSomerville: “Ideas Worth Spreading”

Independently-organized TEDx conferences serve as locally-franchised versions of the greater TED experience, providing the consistent TED branding and format on a local scale. I had the opportunity to spend a day earlier this month at TEDxSomerville, which ran all day long on the 4th at Arts at the Armory here in town. TED’s tagline is “ideas worth spreading”—I won’t talk much about the Ideas part here, but I’d like to dig into the ways we spread them.

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The Goose Provides

My good friend and erstwhile employer, Goose Rock Design, has rolled out a Goose-themed URL shortener service:

You can now find this blog at It doesn’t actually shorten it much, only about 4 characters, but I needed something to test their (very slick) interface.


This blog will be taken down at the end of January, with some (but not all) content migrating to the main blog at Please update your RSS feeds!

Update November 2013: It’s been a long time coming, but this migration is finally complete!