WordCamp Chicago Recap

I presented a talk this past weekend at WordCamp Chicago, on the subject of Building JavaScript Apps on top of WordPress using Backbone.js. People seemed to enjoy the topic, and I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation we started this weekend about how to best marry JS applications to WP.

WordCamp Chicago was incredible. All the organizers, particularly lead organizer Aaron Holbrook, deserve a huge thank-you for pulling off a brilliant conference!

Update: The video of my talk has been uploaded!

2 thoughts on “WordCamp Chicago Recap

  1. Emily Barney says:

    Hey KAdam, I think we met briefly at the speaker\’s dinner when you were taking photos? If not, I apologize for getting mixed up in all the introductions. If you are the speaker who was also taking photos, I wanted to get you the link for our flickr group where we\’ll be \”aggregating\” all the various shots of the weekend: http://www.flickr.com/groups/wordcampchicago2013/ (It\’s a moderated group, so I\’ll need to invite you with your flickr username or have you \”apply to join\” so I can get you in).

    1. K.Adam White says:

      That was indeed me—I\’ve applied to join! I\’m not back at home for a day or so yet so it\’ll take a short while to get my photos uploaded, but I\’ll kick \’em your way as soon as I\’ve gone through them.

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