I’m Speaking at WordCamp Providence!

Towards the end of August, Underscore.js and Backbone.js were added into WordPress core in preparation for release 3.5 (trac changeset link). Having these two libraries available by default is a powerful step forward for JavaScript development within WordPress, but many beginners are unaware of or intimidated by these newcomers. I am pleased to announce that I’ve been accepted to speak on October 27th at WordCamp Providence, where I will be giving an overview of how these new tools differ from jQuery and how the three libraries can be used in concert to build more robust front-end code in your plugins, themes and web applications.

See the talk description on the WordCamp Providence website!

2 thoughts on “I’m Speaking at WordCamp Providence!

  1. K.Adam White says:

    While a video of the talk was recorded, I understand there may have been A/V difficulties that will prevent it from being shared on WordPress.tv—I will update this post if and when I learn more.

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