Paul Irish HTML5 madness link dump

I apologize for the lack of organization; these are being shared for expediency’s sake, and will be cleaned up after jQuery Boston. – Paul Irish’s chart of HTML5 element acceptance

Live Stylesheet test: ??? A magazine, both eds are here
MIND BLOWING video cube demo – WebGL
demo, hit L for lasers! Orientation demo for dev build of chrome HTML5 shiv for IE 6-8 – Minefield web audio demo
webkit version – octopus nonsense, video filters

IF YOU Don’t support IE, then  prompt to install chromeframe: there’s
a code snippet to prompt for it

Modernizr JS library will help w/ feature detection and
will tell you what you can use

Polyfills: make new work in old. Geolocation polyfill is an e.g.

yepnope.js – test for support, if not, load the relevant

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge,chrome=1″> will
force the most recent HTML rendering engine from IE – will force that,
then default to chromeframe IF installed.

Watch @Paul_Irish for the slides from this talk

One thought on “Paul Irish HTML5 madness link dump

  1. wap-tek says:

    NO status bar in the new firefox = now you are blind ,
    the status bar made it easy to tell if a site link
    lied about where you were going and this was
    just not coperate / advertizer friendly

    webgl = require a beta browser = maybe see something

    vrml/x3d = use a plugin or viewer
    in any browser, = it worked over 10 years ago!

    why cant mozilla just use
    a generic vrml / x3d plugin
    BUT make it FAULT TOLLERANT = as in
    ignore the deliberate standards breaking
    that the major players did 10 years ago

    google , mozilla, and many other “good guys”
    jumped the shark or drank the flavoraid

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