Photoshop Brushes

I have returned from vacation, SIGGRAPH and all the rest; this week shall mark the re-commencement of normal blogging. To honor the occasion, I would like to spotlight two posts relating to something near and dear to my heart: Fighting with Photoshop brushes.

First up, we have Paul Lasaine’s pencil brush tutorial teaches a quick and easy way to define a brush preset that roughly simulates an ordinary pencil. Think Sketchbook Pro, in terms of how it responds in practice.

Paul Emslie’s Cartoon Cave brings us another useful brush preset, this one more for painting purposes. The one downside is that there seems to be a bug with direction-controlled angle jitter on iMac machines, possibly other mac’s as well… I run a Mac Pro and haven’t found any problems as yet, but save often. It’s a very useful brush, for all that!

A lot of good stuff piled up in my absence; I doubt I’ll have time to truly catch up and get through it all, but now that I’m back home in Chicago this site should be updated on a more or less daily basis.

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