I read a lot of blogs, from game development and animation industry sites all the way down to webcomics and personal art blogs. One bright spot in my vast sea of RSS feeds is Inhabitat, a blog on sustainable design and architecture. They turn up a lot of interesting stuff, like the magnificent reverse graffiti created by Paul Curtis (“Moose”) and the Reverse Graffiti team in San Francisco’s Broadway tunnel.

There are a bunch of designers and artists who are highlighted for their creative re-use of materials, as well:

Minimahuella Lightbulb Vase

Inhabitat also turned me on to one of the few recent uses of the term “Patriot” that I can actually get behind: the Green Patriotism campaign is looking to raise awareness for the ecological benefits of public transportation and also to promote green jobs in manufacturing. I’m less interested in the design of the campaign banners themselves, but I’m totally behind what they’re trying to do and I love seeing the concept of patriotism used for less-than-authoritarian ends!

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