Today I received a package in the mail. Not having expected anything, I opened it up, and was astonished to find, at long last, the copy of Comedity Volume One that I ordered in April! It was a long wait, but the book came out really nicely. Congrats on getting the book out the door, Mr Graham!

Comedity is a fun comic… I like Garth Graham’s style a lot, and I really enjoyed getting to see him give a panel demonstration of his coloring process last year at Connecticon. The idea of alter-egos driving your actions from your subconscious is a great premise, and to top it all off Garth has invariably been one of the nicest artists I’ve talked to at conventions. He does awesome sketches in people’s sketchbooks if you ask him, like this one from Anime Boston (shown with the book) Anime Boston 2008:

Comedity Volume 1, with a sketch Garth Graham did when I saw him at Anime Boston 2008

If you haven’t taken a look at Comedity, definitely check it out… I’m also really looking forward to Garth’s upcoming project Finder’s Keepers, launching on Halloween. Can’t wait!

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