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Esh Aerial Arts at TEDxSomerville

The theme of this year’s TEDxSomerville event is “Movement;” fittingly, the first block of speakers ended with a demonstration by Esh Aerial Arts.

Andy Mattern’s “Driven Snow” Series

Driven Snow (thumbnail)It’s a snowy day here in Boston, so here’s some thematic artwork: artist Andy Mattern‘s photographic treatments of dirty snow, isolated and presented as found objects. His statement indicates the chunks of snow he captured are the ones that broke free from the build-up in the wheel wells of cars during one of Minnesota’s snowiest winters on record.

See more Driven Snow on Mattern’s website (book available)

What it was that caught my eye

…if something caught my eye, I stopped and asked myself what it was. When I was clear in my own mind what was attracting me I took the photograph.

~ Robin Whalley, the Lightweight Photographer

This rings true to me. I took up photography last year for two reasons: ok, sure, it was partially for the fun gadgetry, but more importantly I wanted to learn another way of seeing. I’m currently taking an evening class at the New England School of Photography, where we just received an assignment to photograph random things in our kitchen. The goal was the same: let your eye be caught, then understand why.

Chicago Snapshots

Although I grew up just north of the city, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing tourist in downtown Chicago this week! We even grabbed a drink at the top of the Hancock.