Key Lime Pie, at scale

Around 3:45 today, my coworker Claire dropped a link into our company IRC channel that the “World’s Largest Key Lime Pie” was going to be served at South Station at 4pm. By 3:50 we were on our way over, and arrived just in time to see the un-sullied pie before they began to serve.

The event was a publicity stunt for the Florida Keys, which felt like pretty good timing given the weather we’ve had lately—but most importantly, it afforded a chance to get some free pie on a Thursday afternoon! And it was a good pie, too, weighing in at about a thousand pounds and containing nearly six thousand key limes and two hundred pounds of graham crackers.

The New Bocoup Office

It’s been two months in the making, but we have moved into the newly-constructed Bocoup office! We still have a ways to go before our new space is fully complete, but even after a single day of occupancy the main workspace is looking awesome.

Chicago Snapshots

Although I grew up just north of the city, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing tourist in downtown Chicago this week! We even grabbed a drink at the top of the Hancock.