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The sculpture of Yuken Teruya

I was hoping to make it through New York this month so I could see Yuken Teruya’s The Simple Truth at Josée Bievenu Gallery. I’m not going to get down to the city in time, but I enjoyed reading this article about the show:


Beautiful work, and inspiring.

Peer-to-Peer Sunset

While gallery-hopping today in Chelsea we stumbled upon Eyebeam, an art and technology center currently located on 21st Street (though it appears they’ll be relocating to Brooklyn this summer as they begin construction on a new space in Fort Greene). The current exhibition is called The New Romantics, and gathers contemporary digital work reacting to 19th century Romanticism.

Peer-to-Peer Sunset, by Mark Beasley

Among the works on display was a beautiful piece called Peer-to-Peer Sunset. It is an interactive work in which you visit a website, and if another user connects at the same time you both experience the impression of a sunset via synchronized color gradients drawn in the browser. To experience the piece yourself you can head over to duskjacket.com/SUNSET with a friend—or just open up two different browsers, if you’re the solitary type.

Eyebeam was a great discovery; if you’re in NYC, definitely try to check out the current show. They’re also running a significant closeout sale on older books and catalogues relating to technology and art, if you’re looking for library fodder!

Hudson River Park

Sketches from Hudson River Park, NYC

Some quick sketches of the vegetation in the Gov. Nelson A Rockefeller Park along the Hudson River, and a hint of some of the buildings along the far side. Drawn on the 14th, at the start of an amazing week-long stay in New York City.

Central Park Trees

Drawings of Trees

Tree studies, drawn in the south end of Central Park earlier this month.