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Maggie (colored)

The longer I don’t update this, the more entropy tears apart the fabric of existence. Good news is, a full site design makeover is in the works, and that ought to make both maintaining and visiting this site a much more coherent, pleasant experience.

This is Maggie, who graciously posed for me while I took care of her during my friend’s recent vacation. The sketch and the coloring are both pretty quick and rough, but I’m pleased with the pose.

Nekotachi, Vector Version

Quick update to show the vector version of my earlier sketch:

猫たち (Vector)

It took a combination of Flash and Illustrator to pull it off, but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out!


Pretty atrocious photo quality, I know, but I’m on the train… For all its bells and whistles, the iPhone still has a crummy camera. I’m posting to test out an iPhone blogging app, mainly—I will repost when I have access to a scanner.

The Bass Player

The Bass Player

Another messy lightning doodle, this time of just Derek (the bass player, naturally)

sorry, Derek, spelled your name wrong—fixed now!

The Band

The Band

Necessarily rapid doodle of the bassist (left) and guitar player (right) in my brother’s reggae concert out in Libertyville on Sunday.