Pay No Attention to That WordPress Behind Your Application

In January I had the pleasure of speaking at the inaugural Day of REST event in London, where I presented our experiences building applications at Bocoup which leverage the new WordPress REST API plugin. The video from that event has just been released, and Brian from PostStatus has written up a great summary of my presentation. If you’re interested in the API, or curious about some of what I’ve been up to in the past year, here’s the video of the full talk—let me know what you think!

Blog post on Using NPM script aliases as a tooling facade

I recently contributed an article entitled A Facade for Tooling with NPM Scripts to the Bocoup blog. Package.json script aliases let your project take advantage of npm-based tooling without the need for globally-installed packages, and can provide a common interface for handling package or application build tasks independent from the technology underlying those tasks.

Package scripts expose important tasks in a consistent, discoverable way. Lowering the barrier to entry means faster ramp-up for new employees, easier contributor onboarding, and less delay if you revisit a codebase after leaving it for a long period of time. There’s no downside to adding package scripts—at worst they just alias through to other tools—and there’s a lot to be gained! (read more)

This technique’s been a big help to myself and my team, and I hope you’ll give the article a read and let me know your thoughts.

Side Projects talk from EmpireJS

I had the pleasure of speaking in New York this month at EmpireJS, and the video of my talk has been uploaded I discuss why side projects are important to our learning & growth as developers, and offer some ways that we can integrate this type of exploration into our work so that our “side” projects needn’t be so peripheral to the rest of our jobs. It’s a topic I care about deeply, and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to share it with such a great audience—thank you to everybody at EmpireJS for the warm reception you gave me!

Slides from the talk are here. Press “s” to pop up the speaker notes view, if you’re interested in additional context!

The sculpture of Yuken Teruya

I was hoping to make it through New York this month so I could see Yuken Teruya’s The Simple Truth at Josée Bievenu Gallery. I’m not going to get down to the city in time, but I enjoyed reading this article about the show:

Beautiful work, and inspiring.

Key Lime Pie, at scale

Around 3:45 today, my coworker Claire dropped a link into our company IRC channel that the “World’s Largest Key Lime Pie” was going to be served at South Station at 4pm. By 3:50 we were on our way over, and arrived just in time to see the un-sullied pie before they began to serve.

The event was a publicity stunt for the Florida Keys, which felt like pretty good timing given the weather we’ve had lately—but most importantly, it afforded a chance to get some free pie on a Thursday afternoon! And it was a good pie, too, weighing in at about a thousand pounds and containing nearly six thousand key limes and two hundred pounds of graham crackers.

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