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Notes from Boston’s jQuery conference

jQuery Boston 2010

Updated 10/20: I’ve removed the abstracts, since the official event schedule now has links to slides!

jQuery Mobile UI

The jQuery Mobile talk was presented by Todd Parker and Scott Jehl of the
Filament Group, who are design leads & corporate sponsor for jQuery UI and have written volumes on both jQuery and Progressive Enhancement. The talk built on John Resig’s keynote announcement of the framework, and delved into some more of the specifics of how a jQuery Mobile app will function in different environments. One complaint at the end of the talk pointed out that their presentation did not give a good sense of how the platform will appear on low-end devices, but you can get a taste for what is to come on the more advanced phones at the jQuery Mobile demo page.

Note: these (and most subsequent) notes have been dumped more or less wholesale from a vim file, so I apologize for the inconsistencies of format.
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Voxeo & PhonoSDK

Jose de Castro from Voxeo Labs subsidiary Tropo took the stage after John, to welcome everybody to the conference and to announce a new application they were releasing that morning. Tropo provides an engine for online voice, SMS and twitter communication, and their newest project is called PhonoSDK. Phono is a jQuery plugin that can turn your browser into a JavaScript-based phone, capable of calling another browser or even a landline. The SDK is being provided as a service, and is already powering Facebook Telephone—a blog post about that program is also available on Phono’s site. The forums lit up as soon as the jQuery Boston attendees saw how simple Phono was to set up, and I expect we’re going to see a lot of new Phono apps in the next few weeks. Well launched, Tropo!

(Key) Notes

This is the first of several posts I will be making containing my notes from the jQuery Boston 2010 conference I attended this weekend. The entire conference kicked off with a presentation by the legendary John Resig, and he marked the occasion by announcing the release of both jQuery 1.4.3 (release announcement) and, more significantly, the alpha version of jQuery Mobile. My notes on his keynote presentation are after the jump.

Please note that I cannot vouch for the 100% accuracy of these notes… a lot of material was covered very quickly, and my notes were necessarily sketchy. I have done my best to record things accurately, but check at before you go shouting any momentous news to the world!
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