This weekend I participated in another Game Jam, this one organized by Darius Kazemi and Emily Daniels and hosted at the DINO/Sprout space near Davis in Somerville between Saturday morning and Sunday evening evening. I teamed up with Michael Carriere to make a fun little platformer, and to try my hand at some new kinds of pixel art. The game we came up with is called Run around and jump on cars but don’t fall off the left side of the screen!,* created in roughly 36 hour by Michael and myself with some great environment assets contributed by Emily Garfield.

The project is built in a flash framework called Flixel, so you can try RAAJOCBDFOTLSOTS online: just click on the image. As somebody (possibly Darius) put it, Game Jams aren’t the place for win states, so just do as the title tells you and enjoy the game!**

Run around and jump on cars but don't fall off the left side of the screen!

*Our development process, while highly democratic, took a decidedly dictatorial turn when Michael came up with this name. I wasn’t about to argue!

**If there aren’t any cars on the screen, use the arrows to run and jump to the right until they respawn.

Update 2/23/09: Emily Daniels has posted a complete list of the projects created at the Dino jam. Everybody had something awesome to show by the end of the weekend, so check out the rest of the games!

Sequel of the Week: Heligoland

Album Cover for Massive Attack's Heligoland (2010)

This blog was intended to be about games, art and animation, not music, but with no disrespect meant to Bioshock II, Massive Attack’s Heligoland is my most anticipated sequel of the week and I would like to devote a few words to the album.

Introduced to the band through “Dissolved Girl’s” brief appearance in The Matrix, I backtracked from Mezzanine to Blue Lines, eagerly awaited 100th Window in 2003, and somewhere along the way acquired their limited edition Singles ’90/’98 collection. I have gone to see movies purely because this band recorded the score. Nowhere along the way would I have necessarily have claimed they were one of my favorite bands, but I have been a devoted listener for over a decade and I somehow own their complete discography. Suffice it to say that I was pretty excited to hear they had a new album coming out, especially after seven years of silence. Continue reading Sequel of the Week: Heligoland

The Goose Provides

My good friend and erstwhile employer, Goose Rock Design, has rolled out a Goose-themed URL shortener service: goos.es

You can now find this blog at http://goos.es/kaw. It doesn’t actually shorten it much, only about 4 characters, but I needed something to test their (very slick) interface.